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  1. Is the Pill safe to use? The Pill is the most researched product in the history of modern medicine and is 99.7% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancy.
  2. Is it true that only married women can use the Pill? No, it’s not. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), women in the menarche (onset of menstruation) to menopause (end of menstruation) stage are allowed to use the Pill. Women who have not had children yet are also allowed to use the Pill, assured that they have a prescription from their health provider.
  3. Will I gain weight if I use the Pill? Don’t stress on gaining weight while you’re on the Pill, ladies. There have been studies that proved there’s no link in weight gain and using the Pill.
  4. Can the Pill permanently affect my fertility? It will be easy for you to bear a child again after using the Pill because its effects are reversible. You can only expect to be protected from unplanned pregnancy during the time you use the Pill.
  5. Will my future baby develop abnormalities if I start to use the Pill now?Oral contraceptives will not cause abnormalities to your future babies.
  6. Will the Pill affect my breast milk if I am a breastfeeding mom? There’s a progestin-only pill that you can use that won’t affect the quantity and quality of your breast milk. It’s as effective as the other contraceptive pills but still safe for your baby.
  7. Should I be worried about changes in bleeding pattern while I’m using a progestin-only pill? Changes in your bleeding patterns are expected effects while using progestin-only pills. This is normal and is not a health risk. Your menstruation will return to its normal cycle once you stop taking the Pill.
  8. Will I be protected from unplanned pregnancy if I start to use the Pill after intercourse? You have to remember that the Pill’s effects do not work overnight. Only after seven (7) days of continuous pill intake will you get the protection you need against unplanned pregnancy. The proper way of taking the Pill is everyday, at around the same time.
  9. Headaches, nausea, vomiting –are these permanent effects of the Pill?The effects you mentioned are called transitory side effects. Given at least a 3-month adjustment period, these side effects will eventually disappear once your body has adjusted to the Pill.
  10. Until how long can I use the Pill? You can use the Pill as long as you feel the need to. Just remember to follow the proper way of taking the Pill and regularly check with your health provider.