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  1. What is a lubricant?
    A personal lubricant is a substance that is used to minimize friction on the vaginal or anal wall during
    intercourse or internal examination in order to avoid irritation.
  2. How is personal lubricant properly used?
    A drop or two is applied over the condom to maximize motion during the act of sex. Do not apply the lubricant on
    the penis for this will cause the condom to slip off.
  3. What are the other substitutes for personal lubricants?
    You should replace personal lubricants with oil, petroleum jelly, lotion, butter or margarine. Use a water-based
    lubricant on latex condoms to avoid damaging the material of the condom.
  4. Are personal lubricants used for other purposes?
    Personal lubricants are also used by medical professionals for medical procedures.
  5. What are the advantages of using water-based personal lubricants?
    Water-based lubricants provide additional moisture during internal examinations to:

    • Ensure comfort to patients
    • Avoid tissue tear and allow freer movement
    • Avoid irritation from equipment /machine rubbing against the tissue/skin.