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  1. Is the injectable safe to use?
    Nearly all women can use injectables safely and effectively, including all women who have or have not had
    children and are not married.
  2. What is a DMPA shot and what do I get from it?
    A DMPA shot is a safe form of contraception containing depo medroxy progesterone acetate. One DMPA shot will
    give you 3 months of contraceptive protection.
  3. Will I get cancer if I continuously use injectables as my birth control method?
    Long term use of injectables won’t result to cancer. In fact, it helps prevent ovarian cancer and endometrial
  4. Can a breastfeeding mother like me use injectables?
    An injectable would be a perfect choice if you are a breastfeeding mother who prefers a longer protection. With
    just one DMPA shot you can expect protection and still give your baby healthy milk at the same time.
  5. Is this allowed on smoking women as well?
    Yes, this is suitable for smoking women.
  6. Will this affect my mood or sex drive?
    There is no evidence that injectables affect a woman’s sexual behaviour.
  7. Is it true that injectables will eventually cause infertility among users?
    Forget what you heard about injectables. It only temporarily prevents ovulation only because you regularly get
    your DMPA shot every 3 months. If you stop taking it, your fertility will return back to normal.
  8. How come I no longer get my period while I’m using injectables?
    The common effect of injectables that you are experiencing is called amenorrhea. This is not a harmful effect
    and should not cause you to think that blood is building up inside your body.
  9. Should I be worried that my future child will have birth defects because I used injectables for too

    Long term use of injectables won’t cause birth defects on your future child. If for instance, you get pregnant
    while using injectables, this will not harm the fetus.
  10. I just started using injectables. Should I expect any side effects?
    Since you are a new user, expect a few mild side effects –irregular bleeding, headaches and dizziness, which
    eventually disappear after 3 months of using injectables.