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  1. Is it safer if I use 2 condoms at the same time?
    No. This will cause the 2 condoms to rub against each other. This friction will make the condoms more prone to tearing.
  2. Do condoms easily break?
    Before a condom is placed in the market, it has to go through extensive quality control to guarantee that it will not break easily when a consumer uses it.
  3. Should I be worried about certain age restrictions in buying a condom?
    There are no age restrictions in buying a condom because it is not among the approved sin products.
  4. Should I be embarrassed to buy a condom?
    The World Health Organization recommends sexually active individuals to wear a condom during sexual intercourse to protect them from STIs and unplanned pregnancies.
  5. Is it true that keeping a condom inside the wallet will bring me good luck?
    Though it is advisable to always carry a condom in case the need for it arises, there is no proof that having it inside your wallet will bring any luck.
  6. How many times can I use a single condom?
    You should only use a condom once. Use a new condom for each single sexual intercourse.
  7. Can I use oil-based lubricants on condoms?
    Using an oil-based lubricant can damage a condom, making it more prone to tears and rips.
  8. Why do I need to pull out right after ejaculation?
    You should pull out right after ejaculation when the penis is still erect to avoid the condom from slipping and the semen from spilling.
  9. There is a slightly narrow space at the tip of the condom. What is it for?
    The tip at the end of the condom should be pinched while the user is inserting it. It should be left empty for the male’s semen during ejaculation.
  10. Will a condom permanently cause impotence?
    No. A condom only prevents pregnancy once it is worn.